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Is Social Media the New Cigarette?

Just been reading Bill Ives blog, it’s an interesting read, I wonder what you think about it.

Are you addicted?

Bill says “I have asked before if social media is like taking a nap, going to the water cooler, or going out for a smoke? Here is a study from Retrevo that asks a different question: Is Social Media the New Cigarette? It other words, it looked at social media addiction and found a lot. Retrevo’s “Gadgetology Report” is an ongoing study of people and electronics from consumer electronics shopping site. The data came from a study of online individuals conducted by an independent panel. The sample size was 771 distributed across gender, age, income and location in the United States. So the results reflect active online users.

It found that their sample used social media in the car (over 35 – 9%, under 35 – 40%), at work (over 35 – 29%, under 35  – 64%), on vacation (over 35 – 41%,  under 35 – 65%), on a date (over 35- 9%,  under 35 – 34%), and after sex (over 35 – 8%,  under 35 – 36%).  This raises several issues. For example, I wonder how many of the at work users are doing this at the companies that ban social media at work?  How many of the drivers are violating laws against this activity?”

You can read more about it in Bills Blog

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