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Its always amazes me the stories that people tell and the way it sparks another story.

Martin Stein who has just wrote a blog post called the Tweeter Tut Tut on the IDeA CoP platfrom all about the Hidden Talent conference and the way they used twitter to capture the day. And the response from the audience and this reminded me of a story I was told recently.

Jim was at an event in America and was using the messenger system to write up the event and to share it with his colleagues back in the UK who where unable to attend.

So Jim was tapping away listening to the presenter and all of sudden the presenter stopped, started looking at Jim which his face getting redder and redder.

“What are you doing” was asked of Jim. Jim looked around and looked back down at the laptop and after a few moments realised that the presenter was speaking to him. Jim looked down again. Then raised his head.

“My colleague Lawrence back on London would like to know your thoughts on (you can fill in the blank)”?

The presenter was taken aback and took a few seconds to compose himself before answering the question.

At the end of the presentation, the presenter went to Jim to apologies, he had never considered that someone would take notes and be sharing thoughts in that way before.

I think this explains the Tut Tut bit.

I’ve seen both sides the events where pen & paper are used then the other with mobiles, netbooks, videos and photos.

So if you are going to capture a conference or event in this way be aware of the members of the group and let them know what you are doing.

And following on from this I’ve just read two different examples of the different view points.

Thanks to Mike Macaulay for this one from the BBC called Social media challenges social rules.

And this has a very similar story to mine about Jim

And Gary Colet from the KIN Blog for pointing out an article from the other side. Where maybe twitter is old hat when it comes to capturing a conference and Google Wave is the new kid on the block

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