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Best Online Collaboration Tools 2009

January 29, 2010 Leave a comment

While looking to see what virtual whiteboards are out there, I came across Robin Good’s mind map on Mindmeister.

Which is still something that I need to have a play around with.

Robin has collected all those great social media / social networing sites in one place.

And there’s lots of thing on there that I have not seen or tried.  So a big Thank You to Robin for that.

You can see the Best Online Collaboration Tools 2009 on Mindmeister

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In the News – Communities of Practice

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment

IDeA’s Communities of Practice ToP of the CoPs Awards recognised in an interesting article by the E-Government Bulletin.

You may have seen from one of my earlier posts about the ToP of the CoPs Awards that we ran this year.  And is nice to see a little article has been written talking to some of the winners.

You can see the full article in the e-government bulletin

I would like to say a big thank you to all of the people, the facilitators, community members and sponsors who have made CoPs such a success.

And I think Richard Caton’s (Project Management Support Manager at the London Borough of Hackney) quote shows how far we have come.

“When the CoP came available, a couple of us thought it would be a great way to continue the dialogue after face-to-face meetings, to enable the network to keep going. So we started in March 2007 and it has grown to 730-odd members, including people from around half of all UK councils and with international members as far afield as Australia.”

Members of the forum are quick to help each other, says Caton. “If you post a query, you very quickly get three or four answers. People are always looking for best practice – the CoP allows us to pool knowledge and hold templates, slides, tools, job descriptions – in the past we might have emailed these things to a few people.”

Public sector still closed to social media

January 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Socitm say that 67% of Local Authorities have a total ban on use of Social Networking sites

The Society of Information Technology Management (Socitm) says its findings show that most ICT managers in the public sector restrict or even block social networks.

The public sector needs to exploit social networking as no-one ‘can afford to ignore the potential’ according to a new report.

By doing this they’re taking the wrong attitude to something that could improve the company.

The report has revealed that 90 per cent of public sector bodies restrict social networking in some way, while over two-thirds cut employees off from it completely.

ICT managers need to look at how social media may help deal with budget issues by ‘engaging citizens, delivering services, and empowering employees in new ways of working’, the firm says.

And we can’t ignore social media. The report boldly states: “Failure to engage with the trend is tantamount to decrying the telephone at the end of the 19th century.”

There a nice little video report on the Chartered Institute for IT That’s if you’re allowed to see it.

I find the results of this frustrating, where there is a big push from central government to connect people and data.

Of course I’m going to say look at some of the benefits that are coming from IDeA’s Communities of Practice platform, but also with the release of

The potential is there.

All we need to do is train and encourage the use.  I know the report boldly states: “Failure to engage with the trend is tantamount to decrying the telephone at the end of the 19th century.”

And it took around 30-40 years before the telephone was seen as the norm, actually probably longer.  And I’m wondering was anyone shown how to use the telephone, or was this done by word of mouth (sorry bad joke).

With email it took 7-8 years to become the norm, so how many of you have been on email training.  I’m guessing most of you.

So where’s the plan to teach social media and social networking.  Only a few organisations are thinking about that or have started.

How long before the rest catch up?  Now that’s my question

ToP of the Cop’s

January 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Last year we ran an internal ToP of the CoPs scheme where each month we would look at a particlar topic and at the end of the year we asked for a written nomination from each community why they should be the CoP of the Year.

This went down really well, and when other communites outside of the IDeA.  They kept asking “can we enter it next year”.

A year on and this is what has happened

We broke it down into three award categories:

  • innovation and creativity
  • efficiency through collaboration
  • effective facilitation team

Each category had a winner and a special commendation. The overall winner was selected from the winners in all three categories.

There were many nominations, representing the whole public sector that use

And everyone that entered deserves special thanks and the judging team was very impressed by the strength and standard of nominations.

The winners for 2010 are:

Innovation and creativity

Winner: Strategic Commissioning CoP

Special commendation: Equality CoP

Efficiency through collaboration

Winner: Project and Programme Management CoP

Special commendation: EU Services Directive

Effective facilitation team

Winner: Workforce Matters CoP

Special commendation: Web Improvement and Usage CoP

Overall CoP of the Year Award

Winner: Project and Programme Management CoP

The 3 Rs of Social Media Engagement

January 18, 2010 3 comments

Gary Colet over at KIN Blogging pointed this out to me this morning.

And after having a quick flick through, which you can with its comic book style approach.

I would have to say Telstra have done a really good job on this and have explained in very simple terms the three R’s

1. Representation
2. Responsibility and
3. Respect

If you have a bit of time and some headphones have a look and listen.

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