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ToP of the Cop’s

Last year we ran an internal ToP of the CoPs scheme where each month we would look at a particlar topic and at the end of the year we asked for a written nomination from each community why they should be the CoP of the Year.

This went down really well, and when other communites outside of the IDeA.  They kept asking “can we enter it next year”.

A year on and this is what has happened

We broke it down into three award categories:

  • innovation and creativity
  • efficiency through collaboration
  • effective facilitation team

Each category had a winner and a special commendation. The overall winner was selected from the winners in all three categories.

There were many nominations, representing the whole public sector that use http://www.communities.idea.gov.uk.

And everyone that entered deserves special thanks and the judging team was very impressed by the strength and standard of nominations.

The winners for 2010 are:

Innovation and creativity

Winner: Strategic Commissioning CoP

Special commendation: Equality CoP

Efficiency through collaboration

Winner: Project and Programme Management CoP

Special commendation: EU Services Directive

Effective facilitation team

Winner: Workforce Matters CoP

Special commendation: Web Improvement and Usage CoP

Overall CoP of the Year Award

Winner: Project and Programme Management CoP

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