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In the News – Communities of Practice

IDeA’s Communities of Practice ToP of the CoPs Awards recognised in an interesting article by the E-Government Bulletin.

You may have seen from one of my earlier posts about the ToP of the CoPs Awards that we ran this year.  And is nice to see a little article has been written talking to some of the winners.

You can see the full article in the e-government bulletin

I would like to say a big thank you to all of the people, the facilitators, community members and sponsors who have made CoPs such a success.

And I think Richard Caton’s (Project Management Support Manager at the London Borough of Hackney) quote shows how far we have come.

“When the CoP came available, a couple of us thought it would be a great way to continue the dialogue after face-to-face meetings, to enable the network to keep going. So we started in March 2007 and it has grown to 730-odd members, including people from around half of all UK councils and with international members as far afield as Australia.”

Members of the forum are quick to help each other, says Caton. “If you post a query, you very quickly get three or four answers. People are always looking for best practice – the CoP allows us to pool knowledge and hold templates, slides, tools, job descriptions – in the past we might have emailed these things to a few people.”

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