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Can you hook your members in 21 days?

Supposedly it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. So if that’s the case, if you can keep new members of your community engaged for their first 21 days, they should become hooked.

And the Facilitation Now Conference attempted to explore this.

So if you think about it.  Casinos are designed to give people small early payouts.

Computer games consoles such as Xbox 360 and PS3 have achievements and awards that let people accelerate through the early levels quickly and pick up points.

I played a game the other day.  Win your first race. 15 Gamerscore award.  (I’ll be back for more)

So I know that I need to do it more and I’m guessing we all need to do it.  We need to spend more time on the newbie’s than on our regulars.

I have some ideas but could we as a community come up with a plan to keep our new members engaged for the first 21 days. Let’s turn those Lurkers into Participants.

So here are a few ideas

Achievement Unlocked

You may have seen the Everyone Love’s a Sharer campaign that we just started.  Or for some organisation it shows as Everyone ?’s a sharer.  Maybe that’s just a cultural issue.

Find a way to let new members achieve something with a limited amount of effort. Sign up to an event, welcome and introduce themselves.  Give them a pat on the back and thank them for participating.  Use what ever you have to reward them.  Invitation to a special event, a book, guidance document.  Or even chocolate.  It’s up to you.

New member of the month award.

Tell each member they’ve been entered for the new member of the month award. Create a hall of fame wiki and criteria to make it competitive. You can even come up with Employee of the month type pictures.

Buddy System

Having a buddy when I first joined the IDeA was great. So why not pair new members up with a buddy for their first 21 days? If they go missing, the buddy can chase them up.  So does anyone want to be a buddy?

Introduce new members to the group

Ask the new member what their interests are, then specifically introduce them to people with similar interests or the same region through the message system

What’s been happening?

Send all new members a quick overview of the hot topics in the community. Then invite them to offer their new perspective. Don’t forget to respond to their posts as this will get them caught in the discussion (which should keep them coming back!).

The Iron Man Challenge

They have stayed engaged for 21 days. You could give them an icon that could be added to their profile picture.  Or add them to a You have Met the Challenge wiki for all the members that have made it through the initiation.

Some of these are possible, some are ridiculous but I wanted to spark some of your ideas.

So what ideas do you have to keep members engaged?

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