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Leadership and Knowledge Sharing

I’ve been sign posted to two great videos recently.  One on Leadership and Staff Motivation by the RSA and the other on The Barriers of Knowledge Sharing by Chris Collison

Theres some great points from the Leadership video on how staff are motivated.  I think the audio comes from a Ted Talks video.  But this really takes it to another level.

Where Chris’s video explains in details the culture of knowledge sharing in organisations, well the culture of non sharing and how to identify the archetypes such as

  • Tall Poppy Syndrome
  • Shrinking Violet Syndrome
  • Not Invented Here
  • Real men don’t ask directions

Well worth spending the time watching both these videos.

  1. May 19, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    Blimey Michael – you put me in esteemed company there! What an excellent video the RSA one is – oh to be able to draw, and think, like that. Important stuff too, then you think about the intrinsic motivation required for working in communities of practice. Thanks for sharing.

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