Who am I? What does a real online community facilitator look like?

When it comes to being a community facilitator is it something that comes naturally or is it something thatthe REAL 'new' Guess Who (?) can be learnt.  Or in some cases something that shouldn’t be attempted.

Jon Harvey helped us explore this in his Hotseats on the Facilitators Community called “How much of good facilitation is about having a toolbox of lots of techniques and how much is it about ‘being’ a good facilitator?”

 And helped start a list of things I wish I had known before becoming a facilitator

  • The level of time commitment that is involved and how hands on it can be
  • How much I rely on the support of fellow facilitators of the community
  • Learn enough about the subject to find the right people to help
  • Phone, email and chatting are your support to the online space.
  • There’s lots to read out there and being a participate in other groups online really helps because you can see how the facilitators make you feel.

Yes there are Job descriptions out there about being a community facilitator

Skills & Attributes Requirements

  • Facilitators possess qualified experience in online or face-to-face facilitation for communities, teams or groups.
  • Facilitators exhibit exemplary interpersonal and communications skills. Excellent observation, interpretation, networking and listening skills are required to keep meetings, online conversations, and community events and activities engaging, flowing and vibrant.
  • Proficiency and experience in online or face-to- face collaboration tools, software and technology is required.

But I picked up on these two descriptions the other day.  This may sum it up.

Community / Facilitator Manager is part detective, part sociologist, part bouncer, part concierge, part tough guy/woman, part big softie @SueOnTheWeb

Community / Facilitator Manager is a member’s personal social ninja – leaping into action to help them engage and collaborate@mijori23

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