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24th Jan Community Manager / Facilitator Appreciation Day

Thank You I picked this up via Jeremiah Owyang of Web Strategist. Every fourth Monday of January, he says let’s take the time to pause, recognise, and celebrate the efforts of community managers around the world to improve customer experiences.

And I would like to echo this.  I would like to thank all the facilitators running communites on Communities of Practice for Public Service for all your efforts of the last few years in making your communities a success.

I know that your lives are not easy but you fight on regardless of the

  • Internal Challenges  
  • Seemingly never ending job and
  • The emotional drain

So if you get a chance on the 24th of Jan, before this date or even after this date please say a big thank you to your community facilitators

They willingly go through the above mentioned challenges? Some would say they are mad but it’s because of their passion to improve, help and create a better relationship.

In many cases, a genuine ‘thank you’ can mean more more to the faciltiators than a yearly satisfaction survey.  So please take the time to thank the community facilitaors that may have helped you during your time of need.

  • If you’re a community member, and your problem was solved by a community facilitator be sure to thank them
  • If you’re a colleague with community facilitator, take the time to understand their passion to improve and let their boss know.
  • If you’re a community facilitator, stop and breathe for a second, and know that you’re appreciated.

And once again a big thank you to all those facilitators, without you and your effort we couldn’t do what we do.

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