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The Myths of being a Community System Administrator

March 30, 2011 Leave a comment

With most communities there are people behind the scenes monitoring the system and keeping it safe for everyone to use.

There’s a lot of work that goes into it, and there’s a team behind it with the Communities of Practice for Public Service.

But there are many myths when it comes to being a system administrator.

The Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Team have a few great video’s dispelling the myths of the power of a system admin.


Are women more likely than men to be community facilitators?

March 24, 2011 1 comment

how do you manage?

I picked up a discussion a while back on the KM4Dev’s forum discussing UNICEF’s online community which I think is an interesting topic.

The discussion asks

1. Are women more likely to be CoP facilitators than men in other organisations?
2. If so why might that be the case?
3. What (if any) are the implications of such a gender imbalance in community leadership? Do different gender styles have positive and negative impacts on community leadership and engagement? Should we be striving to enlist more men as community facilitators and leaders, and if so, how?

UNICEF say that 90% of the facilitators are women.

I’m not sure what the figures are across Communities of Practice for Public Service as I only have access to the Lead Facilitators name for each community.

And I’m guessing the lead facilitator is not always the most active facilitator in the community.

But I really feel that the statement is true. 

As part of the Knowledge and Innovation Network and the special interests group on Communities of Practice, it’s normally only 25% of participants that are men.

And when we run our Community Facilitator Training normally it’s 60% + attended by women.

Now there are probably lots of stats and figures and ideas on this topic.  

I was wondering if this is the case with other online communities.  Are women more likely to be facilitators compared to men?

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