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What is community evangelism?

April 21, 2011 Leave a comment

P1030640This is something is been mulling over for the last few day.

I’ve always thought that the evangelist was the person who spreads the good word.  I’ll have to go and check this on Wikipedia.

But thinking about it a bit more, maybe there is more than one type of evangelism.

My first type is someone like Don King.  They spread the word about there area but at some point I feel they become the attraction not the message they are trying to spread.

My second type is the person that spread the word of others and puts them before themselves.

I’m thinking people like Shaun Callaghan at Anecdote, Stan Garfield at Deloitte’s, Chris Collison once of BP and Steve Dale at the LGID.  Yes I know that I have directed you to their websites

But they spread the word of others and are recognised for it.

Or if I put my game related hat on then you have people such as Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) of Xbox Live and Dan Amrick (one of Swords) of Activsion who go out and promote others.

So as a community evangelist who should you be?

A Don King or the Larry Hyrb?

I know that I don’t want to stick my fingers in the plug socket


Gathering stories and measuring the impact of a online community

April 18, 2011 Leave a comment

ruler - STUPID INCOMPETENT MANUFACTURERSThis is a something that I have used in the past to help with measuring the impact of a CoP which I picked up via KM4Dev

It was pretty successful and we got lots of little anecdotes back.   I’ll have to plan in some time to do it again.

This is what I sent out.  Well with a few amendments

Hello everyone, please keep on sending your short profiles to me; I’ve been getting nice feedback from people who are pleased to find out who other Communities of Practice members are.

It’s also been great for me to see what a diverse group we are (especially geographically) and to find out how you are using XXXX Communities experiences and info in your work.

Regards, XXXX

What is your name, organisation and title? e.g. .Joe Bloggs, Madeup International Inc., Resource Centre Manager

  1. Where is your organisation based? e.g.West Midlands
  2. What “brought” you to CoP facilitators CoP? e.g.  I found The XXXX Community when I was researching KM initiatives in international development organisations.
  3. Has being a member of this community assisted you in any way? How? Do you have a brief story about how it did? e.g. This community has been a big help. Working as one of only a handful of folks concerned with KM in an organization, I value CoP Facilitator CoP because the community provides practical guidance and reassurance, and in some ways “virtual mentorship.”

Inside the mind of a Community Facilitator

April 15, 2011 1 comment

Picked this great poster up from Heather Champ via

It’s much better than the scribble that we have come up in the past as demonstrated in What does the ideal community of practice facilitator look like?  But there are a lot of similarities.

From Apr 15, 2011

Who is Top of the CoPs for 2011?

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

TV Shows We Used To Watch - 1964-2006 BBC Top of the PopsIn 2009 we started an internal ToP of the CoPs scheme where each month we would look at a particular topic and at the end of the year we asked for a written nomination from each community why they should be the CoP of the Year.

This went down really well, and when other communities from across Communities of Practice for Public Service heard about it they asked “can we enter it next year”.

So 2011 see’s the second CoP of the Year Awards.  And what a fight that went on. 

We broke it down into three award categories again

  • innovation and creativity
  • efficiency through collaboration
  • effective facilitation team

And the overall winner was selected from the winners of three categories.

The votes for CoP of the Year went down to the wire with split decisions from our esteemed panel of judges.   This was no X-Factor but still the excitement was there.

So the winners for 2011 are:

Innovation and creativity

Winner: Child Poverty

Efficiency through collaboration

Winner: Workforce Matters

Effective facilitation team

Winner: Project and Programme Management (PPM)

Overall CoP of the Year Award

Winner: Workforce Matters

If you would like to see the winning application you can view them here (sign in required)

How an online community can save you £18,000+

April 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Oink day 4 /365 days

One of the great things about an online community is the ability to pass information and knowledge onto other members.  The only other occasion this really happens is when you attend a conference.  

Some conferences are great, you get to meet and chat with interesting people and listen to experts in the field.  But unfortunately these types of conferences are few and far between.  And with everyone tighten there belt it will only be the rare occasions theta you can meet face to face.  And these will be events where income generation for the event will be the success measure.

But is there another way?  We have been running Online Conferences.  Where we take an agenda and place it on its side.  So instead of a 10-4 event it’s a Monday to Friday or the equivalent.

We hosted a Local by Social Online Conference back in September where we averaged 427 unique visitors per day and each visitor spent 14 minutes and 20 seconds on the site.

We had 242 out of the 1123 participants, making a contribution. Totalling 21%

And 1123 contributions over the 5 days.

Now compare that with a face to face conference.  How many people would be participating?

After chatting with someone from our events team we started to look at the costs for a Face to face event compared to an online event. Remember these are estimates

Estimated cost comparison between a face to face and online conference

  1 day F 2 F Conference 5 day Online Conference
Delegates 100 100
Venue Hire £2,000 £0
Audio – Video for venue £2,250 £250
Marketing Materials £800 £250
Advertisement £1,500 £250
Delegate Rate @£65 per person £6,500 £0
Conference Team Accommodation £600 £0
Conference Team Travel £400 £0
Speakers Travel £200 £0
Conference set up (@ £500 per day) £5,500 £7,500
Speakers time £2,000 (2 speakers) £4,000 (8 speakers)
Couriers £300 £100
Delegate Accommodation (est. £40 per person) £4,000 £0
Delegate travel (est. £50 per person) £5,000 £0
Total Cost £31,050 £12,350

Total Face to Face Conference = £31,050

Total Online Conference = £12,350

Avoidable cost between F2F and Online =£18,700

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