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Gathering stories and measuring the impact of a online community

ruler - STUPID INCOMPETENT MANUFACTURERSThis is a something that I have used in the past to help with measuring the impact of a CoP which I picked up via KM4Dev

It was pretty successful and we got lots of little anecdotes back.   I’ll have to plan in some time to do it again.

This is what I sent out.  Well with a few amendments

Hello everyone, please keep on sending your short profiles to me; I’ve been getting nice feedback from people who are pleased to find out who other Communities of Practice members are.

It’s also been great for me to see what a diverse group we are (especially geographically) and to find out how you are using XXXX Communities experiences and info in your work.

Regards, XXXX

What is your name, organisation and title? e.g. .Joe Bloggs, Madeup International Inc., Resource Centre Manager

  1. Where is your organisation based? e.g.West Midlands
  2. What “brought” you to CoP facilitators CoP? e.g.  I found The XXXX Community when I was researching KM initiatives in international development organisations.
  3. Has being a member of this community assisted you in any way? How? Do you have a brief story about how it did? e.g. This community has been a big help. Working as one of only a handful of folks concerned with KM in an organization, I value CoP Facilitator CoP because the community provides practical guidance and reassurance, and in some ways “virtual mentorship.”
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