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What is community evangelism?

P1030640This is something is been mulling over for the last few day.

I’ve always thought that the evangelist was the person who spreads the good word.  I’ll have to go and check this on Wikipedia.

But thinking about it a bit more, maybe there is more than one type of evangelism.

My first type is someone like Don King.  They spread the word about there area but at some point I feel they become the attraction not the message they are trying to spread.

My second type is the person that spread the word of others and puts them before themselves.

I’m thinking people like Shaun Callaghan at Anecdote, Stan Garfield at Deloitte’s, Chris Collison once of BP and Steve Dale at the LGID.  Yes I know that I have directed you to their websites

But they spread the word of others and are recognised for it.

Or if I put my game related hat on then you have people such as Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) of Xbox Live and Dan Amrick (one of Swords) of Activsion who go out and promote others.

So as a community evangelist who should you be?

A Don King or the Larry Hyrb?

I know that I don’t want to stick my fingers in the plug socket

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