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Knowledge Management explained by Polycell?

June 6, 2011 Leave a comment

How do you explain Knowledge Management?  That’s a really good question.

After reading a little article the other day.  When someone was asked during an interview.  “If you where stuck in a lift and a senior manger asked you to explain Knowledge Management.  What would be your answer?”

As per usual my unconventional way of thinking and my addiction to TV adverts led me to the new Polycell advert.

KM for me has always been about sharing and learning.

And this advert explains it in that way.

Problem – There’s a crack in wall.

Solution 1 – Do it yourself, have a fight and waste your time.

Solution 2 – Ask someone who may know how to do it and will guide you (Dad)

Solution 3 – Someone’s took the time to come up with a helpful guide.  It could be a video, written, pictures etc that you can follow.  So you can solve the problem.

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