How do you turn a stranger in to a participant within an online community?

There’s so much written about the building of communities and how to get them running.

But for everyone that supports an online community that is only the starting point.  And as I mentioned to a group of people the other week, ‘we all know how to build them, but do we really know how to make them successful and fulfil its purpose?’

When it comes to the actual day to day stuff and ideas of things to do and try to encourage activity with the community, I believe there is less info and also less effort put into this.

I still get the feeling that everyone believes it’s a bit like the Field of Dreams or Wayne’s World (If you build it, they will come.)

But there are people out there that are doing this and I have to thank a few people whos blog’s have been really helpful to me such as FeverBee, Community Spark and Blaise Grimes Volt.

So these are some of my thoughts and ideas..  They are based on a concept from Denham Grey and are a combination of things that I have picked up from the people above and also from some of the members of the community that I help to nudge along.


From October 10, 2011

Stranger to Passer By

  • Email invite
  • recruiting via a blog posted in a related community
  • Community flyer
  • Community benefits
  • Clear community purpose statement
  • Success Stories

From Passer by to Lurker

  • Welcome and Introduction Forum
  • Buddy
  • What you need to know wiki
  • Community Charter
  • Welcome Statement
  • Polls
  • Alerts
  • Notice Boards
  • Hot Topics
  • Seeding
  • Useful Resources
  • FAQ’s
  • Competitions
  • Remove 0 responses
  • Hire paid bloggers
  • Forum post exchange

From Lurker to Participant

  • Newsletter
  • Detailed member profiles
  • Online Conferences
  • Webinars
  • Back Channelling
  • Hotseats
  • Peer Assist
  • Marketplace
  • Case Studies
  • Surveys
  • member of the month

From Participant to Regular

  • Events
  • Nudge
  • Interviews
  • Anecdotes
  • Stories
  • Benchmarking

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