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60 Insights from experienced community managers

Blaise Grimes-Voirt has come up with a great document showing some of the insights from different community managers across the world and from all different industries.

I’ve just picked 5 of them and you can view the rest on Blaise’s blog.

You have to be a top contributor. Managing the community is not enough. Lead by example & others will follow suit. – Angela Connor

Every successful community has taken time, dedication & the presence of a present and active community manager to thrive. Jamie Pappas

Always remember that your community members are the life blood. Lose them & you lose everything – David Lowe

Tap into the reason your community members are there & what information is most valuable to them. Plan your content and engagement accordingly – Debra Askanase

At every step your goal is to provide your members with something of value, interest or humour either directly or indirectly – Greg Hollings

And if I had to add mine to the list it would be

Bake the cake with the community using Purpose, Facilitation, Activities, Membership and Promotion as your ingredients.  But don’t let the cake go stale as no one will come back for second helpings – Michael Norton

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