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Oh the horror

The ScreamOver the last week, I’ve had the unenviable task on making communities read only ready for deletion due to their inactive state.  This is in preparation of the move to our new platform.

And two things came up regularly, while doing this.

People had put lots of effort into completing the application form (Description, Welcome text, Tags, Facilitation plan etc.

But, this was the bit that I found strange.

  1. On quiet a few occasions no content was ever added to the community.
  1. And on others there was only one posting.  “What should this community cover?”

Maybe it was a bit of a failure on my side of not helping them out enough, but with 2500 communities to cover that’s always going to be difficult.

Or was it something else?  Did they think that having an online space would automatically create the conversation?  I’m guessing that’s true, and I have spoken to people in the past who thought that was the case.

So just a quick note before you start an online community.

Have a chat with your potential members; find out if there is a need and what they need help with.  And create a purpose that as many people can be part of.

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