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So what brought you to the Facilitator’s Community?

I have been facilitating an online facilitator’s community for a number of years on the Communities of Practice for Public Service, which is some to close as we are moving to a new platform called the Knowledge Hub

But before we left one platform I remembered a great little survey from KM4Dev and thought I would ask the question.

The template consists of 4 simple questions

  1. What is your name, organisation and title?
  2. Where is your organization based?
  3. What “brought” you to CoP facilitators CoP
  4. Has being a member of this community assisted you in any way?

So I asked a few of them and this was their response

So what brought you to the Facilitator’s Community?

  • A desire to learn from other facilitators
  • I wanted to share experiences with other facilitators
  • I had no idea how it worked, what it was, or even that there were experts in it!
  • A desire to ask technical questions, communicate faults, and contribute to the improvement of the CoP
  • I was quite new to the Community of Practice way of doing things, so it was very useful to have a back up support system in the form of someone who will help answer queries and ideas about doing things as efficiently as possible.
  • I joined another community but saw the possibility/need for one in my area. I somehow found the facilitators community and managed, nervously, to post something in the forum
  • I was sort of told to join!! I was made a facilitator as part of my role and advised to join the Facilitators CoP, which I did. Great advice.
  • I joined the Facilitators community because this new role felt a bit bewildering

How has the community assisted you?

  • Being able to share ideas on how to organise and promote communities. Also knowing there were several people I could ask if I got stuck!
  • Taking part in on-line discussions and conferences has been a valuable learning experience as has using the platform to search for new ideas, concepts and approaches to community knowledge sharing across the country
  • I feel it is an essential platform to learn how best to make the most out of such a resource
  • It built my confidence, made we feel welcomed and I could ask any daft questions I wanted.
  • Really helped me understand what the role is all about. The analogy of a party host has stuck with me about the role and having a space for all party hosts to share ideas and discuss approaches has been invaluable
  • It has really opened my eyes to how powerful it can be and how useful it is in creating and storing information in one place for all of the community to use/discuss/enjoy.
  • I got some very useful information about embedding Twitter feed into one of COP groups.  This was achieved relatively painlessly and it was good to have a forum to go back-to to iron out any problems.
  • Being a member of the facilitators community gave me some ideas for developing the CoP
  • Very useful wikis on setting up and maintaining an effective community.
  • One of our first tasks was to produce a guide to how to use the Forum – Made much easier by the powerpoint presentations already present on the FC

Some nice answers and more to work on for the new community.

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