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The Great Easter Egg Mystery

Bright Easter EggsMoving from one platform to another is a huge undertaking and a tough task.

Not only for the people behind the scene trying to make it happen, but also for the users of the system.

How many times have you seen the uproar when facebook changes some of the navigation?

Image what it’s like when you have a brand new system that everyone has to get used to it including you.

So how do you get members to become more accustomed to the new system?  Is there something fun that you can do to help them learn how to navigate around?

This was our issue.  And this is where the great Easter Egg Mystery came about.

Most people have heard of Easter Eggs that are hidden on DVD’s so why not try this approach on a community site.

We hid 5 eggs around the site and created a little competition to find them all.  And I have seen countless egg puns over the last few weeks

The locations where

  • My Connections
  • Hub
  • Blogs
  • Edit profile
  • Help

107 people entered and we had some great feed back including a poem

“Was I quick enough?  Or was I too slow? I’m sure that someone,Will let me know.”

“This has been really fun and I’ve learnt loads, well done for the initiative “

“A fun half-hour…..”

So if anyone has tried any innovative ideas to help members learn how to navigate around a new site I would love to hear them.

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