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Can NLP be used in calls to action to community members?

*Smash* Went The Marmite!I know Neuro linguistic programming is a bit if a Marmite subject but after attending a workshop and conference I can see one element that maybe useful for facilitators of communities of practice to have in their arsenal of techniques.

Derren Brown is the King of embedded commands so I was wondering is this can be used when facilitators make calls to action messages to their members?

The holy grail of facilitation is to create engagement and could the wording of our messages be changed to assist us in getting return visitors and involvement in the community?

I heard an interesting story the other day from Mark Houghton who told of an experiment where a group of people where shown a video of a car incident involving a blue and red car.

The group was split into three and two weeks later the first group was asked
“What speed was the blue car doing when it bumped into the red car?”

The second group where asked
“What speed was the blue car doing when in crashed into the red car?”

And the third group where asked
“What speed was the blue car doing when it crashed into the red car?”

The results between the first and the third groups estimated speed averaged around 20mph in difference.

Also for the third group they where asked if there was glass on the floor after the smash.

They all said yes.  But there was no glass in the incident.

So after listening to that story I think there maybe something in it

And doing a quick Google search I can across two blog posts Using NLP Embedded Commands in Your Salesletters and Websites and How to write compelling calls to action

Which have some interesting key word to use such as:

  • What would it be like to get really excited about making a living on eBay?
  • When you start to feel curious, do you act on it?
  • I wonder how quickly you’ll feel the anticipation of meeting beautiful women where ever and whenever you want.
  • How surprised would you be to feel good about all the possibilities?
  • As you read this brochure notice how you become really interested in all the ways you can make more money.


  • When you choose our service, you’re tapping into decades of expertise.
  • How good would it feel to book a short break right now?
  • You can call our order hotline 7 days a week.
  • Think about the benefits that will be realised for your business when you work with a professional accountant.
  • Most customers who buy in bulk from us make big savings.
  • You don’t even need to visit your nearest branch – we’re also available online and by phone.

I’ll have to look into it a bit more and see what phrases and wording could be used to entice members into actions within an online community.

  1. July 16, 2012 at 5:40 pm

    Michael, a good call on using very specific action-oriented phrases for getting community members engaged. It is a shame you can’t tailor these (yet) to preferred learning styles (kinesthetic, audio, etc). There are probably other techniques used in selling that may be relevant to online communities.

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