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Community Plan

Most community plans fall somewhere between impractical and irrelevant.

Your community plan (not strategy) should be specific detailed but flexible.  It should be a step by step set of actions you can use to develop your online community.

The community plan should contain

  • Who is responsible for the action
  • The people that you’re going to approach.
  • How you are going to reach them
  • What you’re going to tell them.
  • How you will convert new members into participants.
  • How you will grow the group.
  • What content you will produce.
  • What you are measuring.

Your plan must be specific. It should be clear who is responsible for what and by which date.

You can break most activates into three sections


  • Hotseats, Conference’s, Teleconference, Launch events, Demonstrations, and Webinars,


  • Newsletters, Blog posting, uploading of fresh content (seeding), continual promotion of the community , ongoing communications, invitations, forums and marketing

Day to Day

  • Accepting and rejecting members, Training and support, FAQ’s, Moderation, Weeding and Polls

These simple templates let you focus and plan activities for your community over a period of time, constantly keeping the flow throughout the online community

Template 1

Month Identified Need Activities Person/Responsible Actions
1 (Jan)        
2 (Feb)        
3 (Mar)        
4 (Apr)        
5 (May)        
6 (June)        


Template 2

Activity Type Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Day to day activities      

Thanks to Erica Hurley from http://www.ki-network.org and Richard Millington http://www.feverbee.com

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