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Community Charter

The Community Charter clarifies for its members the general framework necessary for a successful launch, cultivation, and growth of the group. The charter includes the group’s purpose, benefits, guidelines, and resource commitments.

Purpose Statement

Describes why the group exists. It is short and designed to capture both hearts and minds and encourages ownership within the community.


Explains the group benefits and is key is assisting member to make time to participate in the group but also in allowing them to explain to their managers the reasons why they are participating.  You also need to show “what success looks like”, and any appropriate impact measures


Explain what your Code of conduct is.  Will there be strong and defined rules or more casual guidelines and agreements?  Do you expect any confidentiality issues?  Do members have to agree to a “Terms of Service” or other form of agreement before becoming members?


What type of role do you need in the community these can be based on the type of community you are looking to develop e.g. Helping, Best Practice, Knowledge Stewarding or Innovation

Roles Helping Community Best Practice Knowledge Stewarding Innovation
Sponsor X X X X
Champions X
Leaders X X X X
Facilitators X X X X
Librarian X
Core Team X X X X
Subject Matter Experts X X X
Member X X X X

Thank to Erica Hurley at http://www.ki-network.org/jm/index.php

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