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Gone Well / Not Gone Well

A gone well, not gone well is a quick and useful tool to get candid feedback at the end of an event or activity. It allows all participants to say which aspects of an event or activity worked and which didn’t in an open and accepting atmosphere.

When to use a gone well, not gone well

This tool is a useful way to close a session and provides an opportunity to discuss the event. It is especially useful in getting people to express more critical comments in a relaxed way.

It helps facilitators and organisers of events to gather information that will help them do better next time.

How to run a gone well, not gone well?

This is a facilitated session to get feedback and requires a flipchart to record the information. The flip chart is divided down the middle into two columns: ‘Gone well’ and ‘Not gone well’.

The facilitator asks the group to comment on anything to do with the event that went well or not so well.

This could include content, delivery style, catering, room layout, discussion topics, materials used, plus whatever people want to raise in relation to the day.

All positive and negative comments are written into the respective columns on the flipchart.

Thanks to Erica Hurley at http://www.ki-network.org/jm/index.php

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