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If Santa is the Ultimate Community Manager

Lego SantaA great little blog post from Tim McDonald at My Community Manager that ask

… is Santa the ultimate community manager?

A good community manager listens to the members of the community

Santa reads all those letters from children of what they want for Christmas

A good community manager empowers member of the community to self-govern

Santa empowers parents and children to behave during the entire year

A good community manager always knows how to measure the community

Santa makes a list and checks it twice

A good community manager let’s everyone know they’re there without having to be seen

Santa leaves cookie crumbs.

A good community manager knows where to find their community

Santa makes stops at 108 million homes, in one day!

So we have Santa as the best community manager.  But who is the worst?

I wonder if Darth Vader may appear on that list and else who would be on your list?

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