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Five thank you cards to celebrate #CMAD

January 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Using the inspiration of User Voice’s Community Manager Appreciation Day Cards.

I put these together as a simple way for community members to quickly say thank you to the community facilitators that look after them so well on the Knowledge Hub.

So on Monday for Community Manager Appreciation Day.  I expect to see a few of these flying about

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Slide5


How to Master Infographics in Five Minutes

January 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Richard Overy got me interested in the idea of infographics and I’ve tried it out myself since.

Check out the Information Graphics and Visualisation Community

And since then I have been asked on a few ocasions to explain infographics.  So when I got to see such a great post from Beth Kanter.  I decided to pinch a few pictures from it as there is no need to explain it.

Just look at the pictures


Do we need a Haynes Manual for Project Management?

January 17, 2013 Leave a comment

Ford Fiesta Owners Workshop Manual 1989 to 1995 Haynes (Petrol)I’ve just read an interesting blog from John Whitty who is a  Senior Lecturer in Project Management at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

John says “The only official ‘how to’ manuals I have at my disposal is the collection of works knows as the project management body of knowledge (BOK). Various project management institutes and associations publish their own versions of it. They all say pretty much the same thing in perhaps slightly different ways. However, there is a fundamental difference between the books that contain car repair knowledge and those that contain project management knowledge. I wonder if you’ve noticed.
“The BOKs have no information about the project I am immersed in. In fact, they have no information about any project I know. They seem to contain page after page of how I could conceptualise various aspects of a project. “
“This would be like opening up the Haynes manual and finding loads of concepts and ideas that car mechanics use to think about fixing cars.  Not really something very useful.”
Maybe we need more than just concepts but more a how to when it comes to project management
You can read the rest of the article via APM

Why the rules changed 15 years ago at midnight but no one told us.

January 15, 2013 Leave a comment

I met Eddie last year and one of the Knowledge and Innovation Network meetings and he has done a great presentation at Ted Talk’s on Why Short term thinking leads to short term results… and long term failure and how smart failure is the way to go.

What I’m doing for Community Manager Appreciation Day on the 28th Jan

January 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Just in case you have not heard of Community Manager Appreciation Day, here’s a little bit of background.

In 2010, Jeremiah Owyang declared every 4th Monday in January as “Community Manager Appreciation Day.”  This day is meant to recognise and celebrate efforts of community managers/facilitators around the world. Wikipedia.

It’s pretty awesome that community management/facilitation is now seen as an important role and that it gets its own special day.

Jeremiah explains the idea behind Community Manager Appreciation Day in this little Video

Big thanks to Tim McDonald at My Community Manager for putting it together

I have been supporting community facilitators for the last six years on the IDeA’s Communities of Practice Platform and now on the LGA’s Knowledge Hub its replacement

I heard about #CMAD a few years ago and since then every year I would personally thank some of those top facilitators with a quick call or if they worked in the same office they would get a little hello and a big thank you.

But I wanted to do something bigger and better.  Well it’s not going to be huge.  So I have arranged a little gathering of some of those facilitators in London and invited a few guest to come along and share their experiences of being a facilitator.  There will be cake to celebrate.  I do hope people like Cheesecake and a few prizes.

But alongside this I will be doing a big push to encourage members of the Knowledge Hub to show their appreciation to the community facilitators that look after them

I’m even suggesting ideas on how to do it.  It’s not often they get thanks.  And just one thank you could make all the difference.

P.S.  If anyone in the London area fancies joining forces for some sort event to celebrate #cmad next year please let me know.

The art of project planning by the Underpants Gnomes

January 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Inspiration comes in various forms.  And after looking a Mattan Griffel’s presentation on Slideshare about growth hacking, that has some great stuff that I can use with online communities.  It reminded me of the underpants gnomes

One of the things that I have noticed over a few years is the similarities between project planning and planning for communities of practice.

The better the plan, the clearer the purpose and realistic the objectives are the more chance you have of being successful.

But every now and then this does not happen.  You may have enthusiastic people that want to push forwards.  But unless you know where you are going and what you are trying to do.  It can lead to issues.

The underpants gnomes where enthusiastic but this was their plan.

Phase 1:  Collect underpants

Phase 2:  ?

Phase 3:  Profit

Can you see where they need some help?

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