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What are the engaging questions in your online community?

Question MarkRichard Millington rightly points out that encouraging participation is one of the keys to a successful a vibrant group.  As part of his Feverbee blog he says there are three types of discussion:

  1. Conveying information – people interact to exchange information with one another.
  2. Bonding with others – this refers to all conversations that lack purpose, but increase the sense of kinship between members.
  3. Status-jockeying – people interact to defend or increase their status.

And the challenge is to initiate the right balance of discussions as conveying information is often misidentified as the most valuable by facilitators when developing their group.

On a recent webinar by Richard one of the things that stuck in my mind was to find other popular discussions on other forums and see if you can adapt them for your own community

So I asked facilitators from across a few communities on the Knowledge Hub what has been your most active discussion?

This is a snapshot of the types of questions that where popular.  All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

  • Does anyone know how to….. ?
  • What is your favourite……?
  • How is your xxxx organised?
  • Has anyone got an xxxx framework?
  • What software are you using to do xxxxx?
  • Can anyone recommend a training course on xxxx?
  • Why do people leave xxxx job?
  • How can we help more people get into xxxx?
  • Is the xxxx a priority in your area?
  • Should xxxx register with multiple agencies?
  • Share your pictures from XXXX event
  • When will further guidance be available on XXXX?
  • Can anyone clarify the standards that should be used regarding XXXX?
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