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Membership Acceptance

October 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Many acceptance messages focus on the point converting visitors into members, but why go to all the effort of attracting new members if they don’t contribute to the community?

When a member requests to join your online group, they receive some kind of welcome email. These are pretty standard across the board – they thank the member for registering. In many online groups, that’s all the emails say. What a waste!but why go to all the effort of attracting new members if they don’t contribute to the community?

Some groups customise these messages to some extent. Some urge members to introduce themselves and some that remind the new member of the group guidelines. You can do much better.

You want to make contributing to your group irresistible. Don’t expect to write the acceptance message and leave it at that for years to come. See the acceptance message as something that is constantly evolving – just like your group. Draw attention to fantastic content, great members and irresistible discussions. Keep it up to date and relevant.

Here’s an example

Hi (Name)Thank you for joining our group – it’s great to have you as a member. You can get started right away by clicking the link below and introducing yourself. Say hi, tell us about yourself or why you decided to join. What you choose to say is up to you!(link)

We have got some great conversations going on right now that I think you’ll love. Feel free to take a look and get involved – it would be great to hear your thoughts:

Forum Discussion 1 (link)

Forum Discussion 2 (link)

My name is (Your full name). I’m the group facilitator and it’s my job to help build and develop this community by encouraging members to get involved and share their ideas and opinions. If I can be of any help, or if you have any feedback or suggestions, drop me an email at any time: (Your email address) or you can connect with me via my profile(link) where you can instant message me if you have any questions

Other members are always about to offer a helping hand, too. (Names of members) love to offer new members guidance. Feel free to drop them a line any time you like.

Thanks again for joining us. I look forward to seeing you get involved in the community!

(Your full name)

Yes it takes effort, but if you can lure in a new member and get more activity and engagement from them, its effort that will pay off.

Don’t waste this opportunity. Acceptance messages can really help get more members active and involved in your community. Put the extra effort in and you’ll see what a difference they can make.

Thanks to Martin Reed at

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