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Avatar Kinect – Could this replace video conferencing?

January 7, 2011 Leave a comment

 Working in Local Government we are always looking at ways to reduce cost.  With the austerity measures now starting to take place, there will be a huge reduction in travel costs to attend meetings and conferences.

Meaning that there will need to be other ways for people to connect and share their knowledge and experience.

I seem to be using phone conferencing more and more recently. Due to remote working and the issue with the snow over the last month.  But there are other options.

I blogged about our experience of running the Local by Social Online Conference on the Communities of Practice for Public Service  in Could sitting still save you money?

And with the Knowledge Hub moving forward at a pace.  One of the key areas was online conference with the introduction of Dim Dim.  Unfortunately have just found out DIM Dim has been sold as Steve Dale mentions.  So we are hoping that we can still use this great feature.

But when it comes to video conferencing how many people use it.  I can’t remember anyone saying to me just popping along to a video conference.

I know Cisco have a great tool in Telepresence but it is expensive.

So what about something like this, could it replace video meetings?

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