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Training Community Managers and Facilitators (KMers Twitter Chat)

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday the KMers group hosted a twitter chat on Training Community Manager and Facilitators.

Unfortuntely I got stuck on the tube and phone issues so was unable to contribute. 

I’ve picked out some of the highlights below.

Also what a great concept, I must try this at some point.

The session was facilitated by Johan Lammers who works with online communities for UNICEF

@johanlammers We actually have got a community of community facilitators where they share good practices & learn from one another 🙂 #KMers

@curtisaconley: We have a moderator community, and monthly call where they can present, share and ask questions of other moderators #KMers

@stangarfield: Q3: we offer recommendations on how to manage communities, and metrics for monitoring community health #KMers

@mneff: Engage your members, facilitate the conversation, don’t dominate, find out what they want and help them get it, synthesize content… #kmers

@mneff: Resist the urge to fill in all silent periods, give people a chance to reflect and internalize, when people speak up – encourage them #kmers

@mneff: Recognize that your lurkers are members too. They may not speak up until they are ready. Help them get there without feeling bad … #kmers

@jimworth: @davidchris: Absolutely Community Managers must be passionate about their subject matter to make a community a success #kmers

@elsua: Q5 Community management has not nothing to do with moderating / managing a community; it’s all about facilitation & passion! #KMers

@mneff: Another technique we use is to get several leaders to share the responsibility. Fact of life. People get tired or swamped. Help them. #kmers

@mneff: Show your leaders the appreciation that they may not get from their management. This is critical for long term success. #kmers

@davidchris: Encourage community engagement – a successful community is self sustaining but it needs effort and clear purpose #kmers

@plantpixie: RT @mneff: Be a role model. Run your own community & invite them to participate in your community to learn about leading a community. #KMers

@mneff: The best community leader is almost invisible. A light touch to keep the machinery humming while they engage each other. #kmers

@elsua: Q6 communitybuilding is a journey, a continuous learning experience! Be ready to be challenged every day & move on. Empower them #KMers

There’s some great stuff and a lots that we can learn from.  Also quiet nice to see that we are doing lots of similar things.

The whole community facilitation and management is still a newish way of working in our sector and it is constantly evolving.  And always so much to learn.

Anyway if you would like to read the full transcript you can view it at

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