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Do you work in a Sticky Organisation?

March 26, 2010 1 comment

In February I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Daan Andriessen and Professor Victor Newman at the Henley KM Forum.

It’s took me a while to digest all the great stuff from the two days.  But these presentations really stood out for me and linked really well.

As everyone knows when a major change happens, such as the end of the industrial revolution, the Second World War and now the recession.

Things will change. The question how do we deal with change?

Over the last 100 years there have been some great inventions it has always led to innovation whether good or bad.

But what happens now, when we are coming out of the recession.

Daan Anderson summed it up in a very simple way using the Maslow Hierarchy of need

If you do not have the basics then knowledge is not shared.  Which really makes a mockery of the stuff that I do?

With organisation going through the recession, staff no longer feel safe, fell they no longer belong and so will not share.

Which could lead to the downfall of the organisation quicker than any other way that I can think off?

Daan used Kampen 2007 The neglected organisation statements to emphasise the point.

  1. High turnover among management
  2. Business processes never seem to function properly
  3. New plans die before they are executed
  4. The appointment of people in management positions always creates a lot of turmoil
  5. People that under perform in the main business processes are moved to support -staff positions
  6. A lot of complaining and cynicism on the work floor
  7. Group sentiments dominate the atmosphere on the work floor
  8. Roles, responsibilities and tasks remain unclear even though they have been put to paper
  9. Managers are never there when you need them
  10. Retribution happens secretly, you never know where it comes from…
  11. In some departments there is a despondent atmosphere
  12. People don’t stick to their roles. Everybody interferes with everything
  13. Every manager has his or her own little shop in the organisation. There is not much cooperation.
  14. Employee meetings are avoided by most employees
  15. Strange behaviour on the work floor is not noticed

So how many do you recognise?  If it’s 9 or more of the statements you probably work in a neglected organisation.

And this leads onto the stickyness

Victor Newman mentioned “It’s a truism that organisations recruit smart people and make them stupid.”

So have you seen this happen where experts are recruited only to leave in frustration because of the sticky organisation’s refusal to legitimise their role.

I love the consent and evade diagram he showed

And he told a great story about Frederick Winslow Taylor who was recruited to help bring new ideas into an organisation.  After a few months of Consent from the Senior Managers but Evasion from the middle managers he realised that he would never be able to do his job.

So during the management meeting he would practice his Golf Swing.  Finally someone asked him what he was doing.  And he simple said either let me do my job and give me the legitimacy or sack me.

He left shortly after, as he realised that the organisation was too sticky.

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