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Will your Star Sign make you a better online facilitator?

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

As part of Friday Fun day in the Facilitators CoP over on Communities of Practice for Public Service we asked the question to the members about which star sign they where born under.

A thank you for all the responses.  And a bit of personal learning from me is that the dates of your start sign can change depending on which year and location your where born.

So what where the results?  Well from the 38 responses

  • Aries  6
  • Taurus  3
  • Gemini 3
  • Cancer 3
  • Leo 4
  • Virgo 2
  • Libra 4
  • Scorpio 1
  • Sagittarius 3
  • Capricorn 5
  • Aquarius 2
  • Pisces 2

I’ll let you make your mind up on what that means.

But the reason for this was that I came across Blaise Grimes – Viort’s Zodiac Signs Survey where he conducted this survey with over 180 Community Managers across Spainish, German, British, French, American and other nations’ Community Managers.

Resulting in these chart

From Communities and Knowledge
From Communities and Knowledge

Some of the Key Insights from the survey included

  • The statistical chart suggest that a couple of zodiac signs are more likely to be drawn into a career in Community Management, and the top two are signs traditionally associated with diplomacy, a desire to take care of others, and display signs of fairness and justice. The other extreme of the chart suggests competitiveness, self-sufficiency, personal ambition and adversity to criticism.
  • There was a very clear bias towards one of the astrological elements group, further supporting the conclusion that some personality types are more likely to find themselves drawn to the challenge of Community Management. 

So would you say that some star signs are more drawn to becoming a community facilitator?

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