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11 tips to power your community

December 13, 2010 Leave a comment

A lot of the times you will get asked about engaging members within a community of practice.

It normally goes down the route of lots of technology, some new funcky tool or widget.

But in reality its the simple stuff that is missed.  I did this presentation a month of so ago when I was kindly asked to present at Syngenta.

These are all really simple things and very easy to do.

I loved it when all of a sudden the lightbulbs went on and the whole group would say “We can do that” rather than “we must have the technology to do this”.

Hope you like it.


Did I ever listen to Ted’s tips on Blogging

December 7, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s nearly four years since I persuaded Ted to film these top tips on blogging.

I probably should have done a lot more with the video, but the whole social media thing was very new and at the time not many people talked about Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook in their day to day life.

So did I listen to Ted’s tip?  Well I think I have.  And do these very simple tips still ring true in today’s blogosphere?

P.S. And Yes he still has that jumper.

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