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How to encourage involvement in online communities

November 1, 2011 Leave a comment

This is a great little video, well 20mins from Tiffany St James at the lift conference and thanks to Steve Dale @stephendale for pointing it out.

Tiffany talks about how people are using online communities to galvanise like-minded participants into action and what we can learn from grass-roots community collaboration to support our own endeavours.

But check out about 4 minutes in to the video as there is a great screen shot from last years Local by Social Online Conference. Which was a great success and all thanks to the hard work of Ingrid Koehler @ingridk and Charlotte Hayes @charliegirlhay


Knowledge Management explained by Polycell?

June 6, 2011 Leave a comment

How do you explain Knowledge Management?  That’s a really good question.

After reading a little article the other day.  When someone was asked during an interview.  “If you where stuck in a lift and a senior manger asked you to explain Knowledge Management.  What would be your answer?”

As per usual my unconventional way of thinking and my addiction to TV adverts led me to the new Polycell advert.

KM for me has always been about sharing and learning.

And this advert explains it in that way.

Problem – There’s a crack in wall.

Solution 1 – Do it yourself, have a fight and waste your time.

Solution 2 – Ask someone who may know how to do it and will guide you (Dad)

Solution 3 – Someone’s took the time to come up with a helpful guide.  It could be a video, written, pictures etc that you can follow.  So you can solve the problem.

Avatar Kinect – Could this replace video conferencing?

January 7, 2011 Leave a comment

 Working in Local Government we are always looking at ways to reduce cost.  With the austerity measures now starting to take place, there will be a huge reduction in travel costs to attend meetings and conferences.

Meaning that there will need to be other ways for people to connect and share their knowledge and experience.

I seem to be using phone conferencing more and more recently. Due to remote working and the issue with the snow over the last month.  But there are other options.

I blogged about our experience of running the Local by Social Online Conference on the Communities of Practice for Public Service  in Could sitting still save you money?

And with the Knowledge Hub moving forward at a pace.  One of the key areas was online conference with the introduction of Dim Dim.  Unfortunately have just found out DIM Dim has been sold as Steve Dale mentions.  So we are hoping that we can still use this great feature.

But when it comes to video conferencing how many people use it.  I can’t remember anyone saying to me just popping along to a video conference.

I know Cisco have a great tool in Telepresence but it is expensive.

So what about something like this, could it replace video meetings?

Could these videos explain how online communities of practice really work?

December 2, 2010 Leave a comment

I know this will cause a lot of disagreements between people, but sit back and enjoy the videos.

Overt the last few years I have used these videos to explain some of the concepts of Communities of Practice and what happen to most of them.

Building Airplanes in the Sky

I still feel this is the case for most online communities that they start flying ahead with work with out getting all the pieces together.  And during the flight you might have some of your members getting a bit messy.

Running with Squirrels

Another great video.  When it comes to the building of an online community so much emphasis is put on the technology which can scare people off.  If it was explained in simple terms and it’s about how the technology can help support what you need to do.  

Rather than here’s loads of technology of you go.  Would you really be scared of the squirrels?

Herding Cats

Another favourite.  And community facilitation can be explained in this way.  You will take a few scratches on the way.  But if you put the effort in, you will get your reward.

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